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unless your teachers are abusive assholes there is no fucking reason to disrespect them

they are literally trying their hardest to get you an education

teachers have every right to complain about rude students or the amount of papers they have to grade because their salary is low as shit

oh wow, your math teacher yelled at you because you were ignoring the lesson and talking to your friend

i wonder why

jesus christ teachers have it hard enough dont be an asshole

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painting process of the image i previously posted…GO READ OUR WEBCOMIC

SPLIT: http://www.inkblazers.com/manga-and-comics/SPLIT/detail-page/4327?lang=en

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I made a quick painting of Sakuya from our webcomic SPLIT
to take a break from school work…i also recorded the process of it so ill upload that in a bit

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*waking up from a coma* “how many followers do I have”

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guess what im rewatching..

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I don’t get u guys first their is an uproar because anime boy don’t have nipples and now he has nipples Isn’t that what u guys wanted Let the man have the hard nipples!
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The sass is incredibly strong in this one.

I am 100% grabbing this game just for Saiki’s sass…

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everybody needs to take the time and check out this webtoon’s comic………i promise you wont regret it

Its called Nowhere Boy…..the story is catchy and the art is SO FABULOUS!!!! its seriously a great manhwa..i wish there was an anime ;A;

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my throne

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does anyone in anime high schools actually learn anything or do they just stare out the window and participate in clubs?